Thorough Protection

Your work, your tools, your machines and your personnel are valuable; this is why ORAPI constantly endeavours to improve its products to provide protection against corrosion, scratches, splattering and accidents. 

Our protection range covers 5 Domains

All our paint have been designed to provide the best possible VOC minimization,

Optimized safety and include carefully selected additives so as to guarantee the highest salt spray resistance on the market. 

Your staff are valuable; let’s make their working environment as safe as possible: 

Anti-slip. anti-fall products, anti-puncture products etc.  including marking paints, various kinds of absorbent products, insecticides, de-icing products, hole and pothole repair products etc.

Machined parts and other valuable components need to be protected during storage and transport.

This is why we have developed oily, waxy and dry protective varnishes that come in peelable and non-peelable, coloured or colourless versions so that each of our customers can find the right solution for their components and requirements – with or without initial parts cleaning.