ORAPI’s tribologists are here to advise you.

Friction can be reduced in a number of ways; at ORAPI we offer 4 types of product to cover all your requirements.

1. Oils

In-depth lubrication in complex mechanisms (chains) or closed mechanisms (gearboxes) requires the use of oil.

The main benefit is the natural elimination of the heat energy generated by friction which affects the smooth running of the machines. We also offer a range of oils for metal working. 

2. Varnishes and Powders

“Dry” lubrication is primarily recommended for dust-filled environments and exposure to severe cold down to -200°C.

3. Greases

More than 80 different types of grease have been developed to respond to all the requirements of our customers: speed, heat, humidity, oxidising environments, heavy loads etc. 

You can also discover our unique range of greases based on nanotechnologies: NANOLUBRICANTS. 

4. Pastes

A  comprehensive range of mounting and anti-seize pastes to keep fretting and tribocorrosion problems to a minimum.

They also help improve thermal and electrical conductivity by using diversified and first-choice mineral filters in terms of grading and purity: zinc, aluminium, copper, graphite, molybdenum disulphide, ceramic and of course, NANOLUBRICANTS.

  • Orapi’s tribologists pay particular attention to the selection and use of high performance additives that they incorporate into our greases.
  • These can be liquids or solids such as MoS2, graphite, PTFE and NANOLUBRICANTS and have significant impact on the performance of the greases by: reducing the friction coefficient, incresing resistance to EP (extreme pressure), minimising material wear, improving adhesion, protecting against the premature oxidation of the grease, protecting metals against corrosion, etc.