Anaerobic resins are single-component, single-bond adhesive.

These polymerize at room temperature when not in contact with oxygen and when adhesive is in contact with metal. Applications are therefore limited to metals but they are numerous.

The benefits of the resins we manufacture are their excellent resistance to chemicals, high temperatures and vibration.

1. A range of DUAL-COMPONENT epoxy, polyurethane and acrylic adhesives.

These adhesives are comprised of a resin component and a hardener component, and begin to polymerize as soon as they are mixed together. The adhesive can be used to fabricate parts or replace materials.

Primary applications include:

  • Gluing part with large or irregular gaps.
  • Sealing and repairing holes, cracks and repairing/gluing with pieces missing.

2. A range of FLEXIBLE ADHESIVE MASTICS: odorless acetic silicones, PU and MS+

These single-component adhesives polymerize at room temperature thanks to the moisture in the air, which is why the adhesive must be left in the open air before assembly.

Primary applications include:

  • Flexible gluing and sealing, soundproofing.
  • Often recommended for assemblies subjected to vibrations or when the assembled materials have different expansion coefficients.

Cyanoacrylates are single-component glues which polymerize at room temperature when the adhesive is in contact with both surfaces.

The moisture in the air neutralises the stabilizing agent and triggers the polymerization process. 

These glues should be used when there is no gap between the surfaces.


  • A small drop is all that is required and the glue can be applied with ease. 
  • Glues practically everything in seconds.
  • Excellent shearing and tensile strength.