Applying surface finishes is a messy business. 

Lacquers, paints, enamels and adhesives will by their very nature create soil and contamination, readily attaching to the fabric of the paint shop. 

Our experience shows that properly maintained spray booths will considerably reduce lost time procedures and improve booth efficiency leading to increased productivity.

How do you contain paint overspray?

Adding a solution from the TAKkill Denaturant range to your spray booth water system rapidly “de-tackifies” the paint overspray ensuring that it is denatured to the required degree and is either floated or sunk for removal according to the design features of the booth.

Benefits of Gramos Denaturants and Additive products:

  • Increase booth efficiency by reducing downtime.
  • Stops paint re-depositing within the booth.
  • Prevents sticky blockages of pumps and nozzles.
  • Removal of overspray solids made easier.
  • Biocide’s prevent odour causing bacteria.
  • Health and Safety conformance.
  • Reduce disposal costs.
  • Less frequent clean out / sludge disposal.

Orapi can provide a complete turnkey solution and remove the manual handling of chemical by designing and installing one of our bespoke automatic dosing systems, as well as offering technical back up and regular service visits by our technical team.