Do you want to keep your spray booth in optimum condition without the workload?

Orapi Applied Ltd manufacture a market leading range of protective coatings to help you take control of booth maintenance. Easy to apply, simple to remove, faster clean downs and increased protection.

Paint spray booths should ideally be kept in a clean and bright condition, unfortunately maintaining your booth in premium condition is difficult within a modern day spray shop.

Repeated overspray of often multiple paint types and colours, airborne dust and general grime collect on all surfaces. Removal of this contamination is labour intense and time consuming, alternatively neglecting the booth will cause an increase in rejects and rework as dust and particulate attach to your work piece.

Protective coatings for booth walls, floors and light systems, products to suit all surfaces and applications. Solvent based for fast curing or water based for sensitive applications. 

Peelable coatings can be applied by spray, brush or roller and dry to a semi-permanent smooth bright film enhancing the condition of the spray booth,. When it is time to remove simply peel from the surface, dispose and re-apply a fresh coating.

Peelable coatings are also suitable for temporary surface protection within multiple manufacturing processes, protecting finished surfaces during handling, storage and delivery.

Also ideal within the construction industry, GRAMOS coatings will protect against abrasion, impact, corrosion, paint, resins and bitumen,

Tacky surface coatings are a water based solution for airborne dust within painting and process applications. 

Once the product is applied the film does not completely dry and remains tacky to the touch.

Airborne dust is attracted to the coating and is contained on the surface greatly assisting in keeping the area free from airborne contamination.

GRAMOS Tacky Surface Coatings are available in liquid, gel and paste formats with solutions for heavy duty and high temperature applications. Tacky coatings are easily washed off with water.

Protective barrier coatings that dry to a semi-permanent film, applied by spray, brush or roller. These coatings are water soluble or removed with an alkaline detergent solution.

Whilst suitable for booth walls, this range of products are especially advisable for areas where a peelable product is not recommended like booth floor plates and other intricate surfaces.