Dust Control

Dust – What is it?

Dust found within manufacturing processes has been known to contain small amounts of plant pollen, human and animal hairs, textile fibres, paper fibres, minerals from outdoor soil, human skin cells and many other materials which may be found in the local environment.

Dust – Why control it?

Dust, fibres and grit particles are a major source of paint defects causing nibs, rough finishes, imperfections and centres of weakness and corrosion.

The GRAMOS range of dust contamination control products help collect and contain dust, fibres and other causes of surface contamination. A wide range of TAKrags for surface wiping, TAKmats for floors and Barrier Curtain for airborne contamination help to regain control of surface contamination issues in the workplace.

A unique surface wipe with an impregnated tacky resin designed to collect and contain surface contamination.

Manufacturing in the UK, GRAMOS originally designed TAKrags over 50 years ago, still providing unrivalled design quality, today Orapi Applied Ltd is the leading manufacturer of Gramos TAKrags in Europe. Each day most car manufacturers and leading assembly plants throughout the world rely on GRAMOS products and our leading technical knowledge.

As well as being indispensable in vehicle body shops and paint shops TAK®rags have beneficial applications in many other industries including Aerospace, wood finishing, marine, leather tanneries, Asbestos removal, Nuclear and decorating.

With a multitude of woven, non-woven and knitted materials and a choice of tack strength, GRAMOS® have a TAK®rag to suit all applications.

With one quick wipe, TAK®rags ensure completely dust and fibre free surfaces. A surface ready for spraying, lettering and countless other jobs involving the application of paints, printing inks, lacquers, varnishes etc.

The impregnated resins that make TAK®rags tacky are manufactured solely by us for our own use. They are to our own formula and are chemically compatible with all modern paint finishes, non-acidic, non-drying, non-staining, not subject to spontaneous combustion and uniform in tack and quality.

This GRAMOS® quality continues within our range of TAK®mats to control foot-borne contamination from entering or leaving protected zones. In a choice of industrial or clean room specification, our innovative “step on – step off” design collects and contains contamination. Essential for use in paint shops, construction, off shore, nuclear, electronics’, pharmaceutical, clean rooms, optical, medical, food and many other industries

Specifically designed to control airborne contamination within high risk areas, Barrier Curtain is an air filtering material for use inside buildings. Used as a curtain or screen partitions Barrier Curtain is effective where dust free conditions are required. It’s open woven material impregnated with non-drying tacky resin traps and holds airborne dust, lint and other fibrous particles.

Gramos manufactures a large range of premium industrial and commercial wipes. A comprehensive selection of dry wipes from economical sealant wipers through to low lint wipes used in conjunction with cleaning agents. Premium lint free tube wipes for critical wiping or larger tube wipes for use as spray shop robot covers. A professional range of impregnated wipes including anti-static dusters, low V.O.C. aqueous degreasing wipes and heavy duty solvent degreasing wipers. Commercial wipers include anti bacterial surface wipes and portable hand cleaning wipes.