Takrag Dust control Gramos Orapi Applied

TAKrag®, The Original

DESCRIPTION THE ORIGINAL TAKrag® is the industry standard wipe used within any area for the removal of dust contamination. Combining premium woven cotton with a medium tack resin the Original TAKrag® provides excellent dust collection and retention. The sealed seams minimise lint fall out for user confidence. Multiple packaging options and a choice of wipe size are available to suit all user applications. BENEFITS THE ORIGINAL TAKrag® ensures excellent dust collection and retention with the […]

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TAKmats ® are an effective method of preventing foot borne contamination from entering or leaving protected zones.

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Introduction Gramos

TAKrags® GRAMOS is the world’s leading brand of TAKrags® having been supplied throughout the World for over 50 years. Gramos TAKrags® are low linting fabrics impregnated with proprietary non-drying, low transfer resins designed to remove and capture surface contaminants from substrates prior to finishing i.e. painting, plating, laminating, dyeing etc. The resins that make Gramos TAKrags® so effective are manufactured to proprietary formulations and used exclusively for the production of Gramos TAKrags® . They have […]

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Offices of the Orapi Group Headquarters

Orapi Group

Founded in 1968, the Orapi Group has since embarked on a remarkable industrial journey. Our four Research and Development Centres and seven Production Facilities around the world have enabled us to remain at the forefront of industrial advances and ensure that our customers always benefit from the latest technological breakthroughs. Over the years, the Orapi Group has grown in harmony with its customers and has devoted itself to providing the highest levels of service and […]

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