Covid-19 : Entertain children and promote prevention in a fun way with the ORAPI Hygiene Foundation

Several weeks after the Coronavirus (COVID-19) was identified, many European countries have taken the decision to promote social distancing, including the closure of schools. As the Coronavirus epidemic continues to grow and remains largely unknown the focus is therefore on prevention which includes caring for young children at home by their parents as a measure to avoid aggravating the pandemic situation. What are the basic actions to limit transmission? What rules are to be put […]

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Orapy Hygiene Fundation

The ORAPI Hygiene Foundation

Created in November 2015, the ORAPI Hygiene Foundation’s mission is to promote hygiene rules that allow young generations to fight against viral diseases. The foundation works abroad, especially in Liberia, a country that was extremely effected by the Ebola virus, firstly, by supporting through UNESCO, young peoples awareness to hygiene procedures, and on the other hand, by providing products to enable schools to accommodate children with maximum hygiene resources. Since February 2017, the ORAPI Hygiene […]

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