Peelable Coating -Aquapeel

AQUAPEEL, Water based Peelable Coating


Gramos Aquapeel is a specially formulated white pigmented water borne peelable protective coating based on PVA. The product is designed for application for paint spray booth walls, etc to enable paint overspray deposits to be quickly and easily removed. Booths are maintained in ‘as new’ condition providing the ideal paint spraying environment


Gramos Aquapeel provides a dry plastic temporary coating that will facilitate ‘capture & containment’ of even the heaviest paint overspray deposits that can then be quickly and easily removed by peeling off the coating for disposal during routine booth maintenance. Gramos Aquapeel should be applied to clean bare metal (normally galvanised), unpainted substrates and removed, depending on the degree of overspray contamination, every 3 months prior to re-application. Note: When considering use on painted or plastic surfaces patch testing should be carried out due to the possibility of ‘plasticiser migration’, coating life will be reduced if used under these circumstances. 2-pack fully cured paints can offer a greater degree of resistance to plasticiser migration. Gramos Aquapeel is not suitable / recommended for use in wet environments, in these circumstances use of Gramos Aquapeel Ultra is recommended.


Is easy to use – Thixotropic nature minimises ‘running’.

Has a dense white film – Excellent background reflection.

Has good resistance to most commonly encountered paint overspray.

Excellent peelability.

Non-flammable and Non-toxic.

Equipment is easily cleaned with water – Does not require use of thinners etc.

Economical in use – Coverage – 5m2/ltr



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