Introduction Gramos


GRAMOS is the world’s leading brand of TAKrags® having been supplied throughout the World for over 50 years.


Gramos TAKrags® are low linting fabrics impregnated with proprietary non-drying, low transfer resins designed to remove and capture surface contaminants from substrates prior to finishing i.e. painting, plating, laminating, dyeing etc. The resins that make Gramos TAKrags® so effective are manufactured to proprietary formulations and used exclusively for the production of Gramos TAKrags® . They have been carefully formulated and tested to ensure that they are chemically compatible with all modern water based and solvent based paint finishes.

Gramos TAKrag® resins are Non-Hazardous to operators, non-drying and non–staining in use. They provide uniformity of tack and ensure maximum contaminant pick up and holding power.

Gramos TAKrags® remove and capture surface contamination (dust, grit, fibers and particulates) in many different applications:

  • Vehicle production and refinishing (pre-paint)
  • Vehicle component production (bumpers/headlamps/facias/door handles etc)
  • Powder paint application Industrial paint ovens (cleaning)
  • Printing industry
  • Electronics PCB Lamination
  • Furniture manufacture and finishing
  • Leather tanning and finishing
TAKrags® , The original
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical industries


  • Asbestos removal
  • Nuclear power industry
  • Quarantined areas
  • Clean rooms etc.

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