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Interior Cleaning

Exterior Cleaning

Trim Finishing


Refinishing and valeting services to the automotive industry

Gramos are committed to providing a high quality, professional service to the automotive industry to ensure that you receive the best possible service time after time.

Our close partnership working and flexible approach, enables us to understand your requirements fully, ensuring that you have the best package of services and products to give you optimum results for your continued business success.
Our commitment to quality and investment in research and development, keeps us at the leading edge of technological developments to give you access to a specialised range of products that continue to meet the exacting requirements and standards demanded by the automotive industry.
Through our extensive distributor network and demand for our specialised product range we can offer a convenient, responsive service at a competitive price no matter where you are based.
Vehicle refinishing
With a customer base that ranges from independent motor factors, buying groups to accident repair shops (both PLG, HGV and passenger transport) we have gained outstanding recognition for our range of bodyshop consumables (all of which have undergone rigorous quality and performance tests).
Gramos Applied can supply all of the products required to clean, treat and prepare all types of vehicle interiors and exteriors, from tyres to trim and include amongst our products the highly regarded "Bodyshop Safe" range. We recognise that this area of the automotive market demands the highest levels of technical knowledge and product performance. This is why we invest heavily in innovation and expertise to ensure we deliver the highest levels of customer service, assistance and attention to detail. 

Training and technical support services
We offer a range of bespoke certificated training services and direct technical help for your staff.
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