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Surface Treatment - More Information
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Solvents and water based products
We have a comprehensive range of acid, alkali and neutral pH products to suit every application for all types of oil, grease and soil removal whether it is by single stage or multi stage pre-treatment process. Our technology utilises the latest in chemical advances and minimises the environmental impact by the use of biodegradable surfactants. A full range of environmentally friendly solvent cleaners complements our extensive degreasing capability.
Our extensive range of advanced acid based products offer fast and effective solutions for the removal of corrosion and oxide coatings from metal surfaces. Many of the pickling and de-scaling products are specifically formulated to ensure a long solution life and reduced costs.
Phosphates, Chromates and non-chrome
Our iron phosphate, zinc phosphate, chromate or dry in place systems provide a superior conversion coating on ferrous and non ferrous metal surfaces prior to painting.  Use of our processes increases the corrosion resistance of the metal surface and enhances the paint adhesion properties. All of the systems meet British Standards such as BS3189, BS6494, BS6497 and many ISO, DEF and MIL specifications.
A large range of non chrome conversion coating products are available to meet new European standards for the pre-treatment and powder coating of aluminium to architectural standards.
A range of final rinse additives are available to solve problems and improve performance of the conversion coating prior to painting. Our unique criteria for final rinse reduces corrosion, increases rate of water shedding, promotes greater paint adhesion and provides a substitute for processes where de-ionised water in the final rinse is not available.
Anti Corrosion and protective coatings
Our range of water based and solvent based anti corrosion and protective treatments are available to suit all applications.  These offer essential protection against the corrosion of ferrous metals following cleaning and processing. 
Where metals have been pre-treated with water based solutions and water rinsed, the unique application of our de-watering product range allows the metals to be protected with a dry to touch paintable film.  Depending upon the product, components can be protected from rust for between 24 hours and 5 years.
Oil free lubricants
The water based and biodegradable nature of our synthetic punching, bending and drawing fluids provides engineering departments with an environmentally friendly alternative.
Their advanced formulation enables them to be used at low concentrations for general purpose through to the most exacting of tooling operations. Their excellent corrosion inhibition and lubricating characteristics lead to long tooling life and significant environment and work area benefits.
Coolant Products
Through the use of our dedicated range of low concentration coolant solutions, operations such as drilling and tapping may be carried out with minimal downtime. The complex chemical make up of the product ensures that a stable solution is maintained at all temperatures. This ensures a robust coolant system that dissipates heat generated at the tooling point leading to a consistent and reliable operation.
Galvanising Products
For the galvanising industry, we offer a complete portfolio of cleaning products to remove oils, grease, soils and rust. These range from degreasing and inhibitor additives and hydrochloric acid pickle tanks to alkali based cleaning products.
The unique Tegoflux range automatically stabilises the solution pH affording a longer solutions life and reduction in zinc waste in the form of ash. Our polymer passivation product has received recognition industry wide for it's ability to prevent the onset of white rust for up to 6 months for both batch and coil application.
Paint Strippers
We offer an extensive range of solutions for the removal of lacquers, varnishes, paints and powder coatings from ferrous and non ferrous metals, hard and soft woods, anodised and anochromed aluminium. Our range includes both traditional and environmentally friendly products.
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