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Working to improve quality, minimise costs and reduce environmental impact

Working hand in hand with the industry we provide a range of galvanising services and products to help you optimise your process operations. 

We offer advanced solutions for:
  • Efficient cleaning mediums
  • Degreasing technology
  • Acid inhibitors
  • Surface preparation of steel
  • Indefinite lifetime fluxing solutions
  • Zinc passivators
  • High quality finishing.
These essential services are further enhanced through our support services and access to expert staff for technical information and advice:
  • On site support in testing solutions
  • Laboratory facilities
  • Technology development
  • Training in galvanising pre-treatment technology
  • Good working practice guidance manuals.
Our on going investment in research and development ensure we remain at the forefront of innovative thinking and design so that you are kept at the cutting edge of technological advances.

For more information, please contact Brian Anderson on 0121 525 4000.
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