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Paint Shop
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Complete paint shop cleaning and maintenance. 

Gramos Appliedâ?Ts leading range of quality brand products and expert support services provide a â?ototal supplyâ?? service for the paint finishing industry. 

Our close association spanning over 50 years has given us an in-depth understanding of the market. In response we have developed an enhanced range of products and solutions to address cleaning and maintenance across all areas of the paint shop.  Key service areas include:

Paint spray booths
Protective coatings that afford easy cleaning of contaminated surfaces saving you time and money.
Water Treatments
A properly maintained spray booth, using the correct denaturant and dosing regime, will considerably reduce lost time due to maintenance clean down procedures. Our water treatment packages increase booth efficiency, which helps to reduce downtime, minimise maintenance costs and eliminate bad odours.
Stoving ovens
We have a range of products to eliminate airborne contamination within stoving ovens, which will considerably reduce rejects and the need for re-work.
Personal protection
Protective clothing and hand care products that have been developed with safety and comfort in mind give care and assurance to your operational staff for guaranteed protection in all paint shop areas.
An extensive range of specialist chemicals and products that include:
  • Peelable and tacky booth coatings
  • Paint denaturants, Biocides, Antifoams
  • Oven coatings, TAKrags
  • Protective clothing, masks, respirators and handcare
  • Paint shop ancillaries.


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